Welcome to Solvik - a cozy little town on the Norwegian coast. It's an idyllic place with old, white wooden houses, almost a touch of paradise. However, under the surface lays intrigues, jealousy, and rivalry, threatening to destroy friendships.


Time for Honesty (Vondt i viljen)


When Emmelin inherits her childhood home in the small Norwegian town of Solvik, she is faced with a dilemma. Despite her love for it and a yearning to return to a simpler life, she is confronted with the reality of a husband who hates the idea and a lack of available jobs.


Her decision seems simple enough, except that Emmelin is carrying a burden from decisions she made when much younger and which are set to bubble to the surface once again. When her childhood sweetheart Dennis also decides to return to the town, following the death of his wife, Emmelin must finally be honest about what she did to him.


Her secret threatens to open old wounds and increase his pain even further. But soon Emmelin discovers that Dennis has secrets of his own that could have changed both their lives.


Tortured by remorse and indecisiveness, can Dennis overcome his anger and find a way to forgive Emmelin? And can she find a way to pave the path for them to trust each other again?


Second chances don’t come along every day. Can Emmelin and Dennis afford to let this one slip away?

Time for True Love (Søte Fristelser)

Drama and misunderstandings await when Sara returns home to the idyllic town of Solvik, to pursue her dreams of starting both a new career and a family. Despite her enthusiastic personality and the possibility of a gorgeous man in her life, things just do not seem to be going her way.

Sara feels guilty about following her dream of opening a bakery if it means disaster for the old lady running the town's only bakery. And with her love of everything sweet, Sara is on a collision course with her future mother-in-law, who is a real health freak.

When new rivals appear out of nowhere – with secrets no one could even imagine – this cozy town on the Norwegian coast is again the venue of intrigue.

Time for New Beginnings (Urimelige forventninger)

When Bettina inherits half a guesthouse, she is not only surprised but also hesitant, because her aunt comes part of this inheritance and is making life tough.

Bettina's brother, Lauritz, turns up from afar with a devious plan to claim his half of the inheritance, resulting in new challenges.

With a wedding to prepare for Bettina will be busy. However, her fiancé, Preben, is finding it difficult to adjust to quiet coastal living. Will they ever make it to the altar?

Problems keep piling up, and it does not get any better when Bettina's biggest rival checks into the guesthouse, along with her future in-laws.

Does Bettina's future lie in Solvik, or does she have to look elsewhere to find what she is longing for? Will the inheritance bring them all together, or will it split them apart?

Time for Surprises (Å vite eller ikke vite)

When Miranda's father dies, his will reveals his specific intentions, not only for the new hotel he is building but also for his children. Drama and intrigue, jealousy and revenge, are soon part of the siblings' lives. Not all of them are happy about moving to a small town, nor are they pleased with the positions they have been assigned through inheritance.

As the hotel manager, Miranda is determined to make Sea Breeze Hotel & Spa a success. However, problems keep piling up even before the grand opening, and her unemployed husband Vidar has plans of his own. Feeling passed over, he surprises them all by his devious acts.

Can Miranda forgive and forget, and give Vidar another chance? Or is love in store for her elsewhere?

Time for Second Chances (Kun det beste)

Isabella is living her dream as proud owner of flower and gift shop, Anemone. However, the newly hired help - or rather, the help's mother - creates a lot more drama than the sleepy town of Solvik is used to.

Top chef Remy is ready for a fresh start. Having quit his job at a restaurant in the capital, he looks forward to a quieter life on the coast. Little does he know that the summer will bring challenges he could never have imagined.

Life is never dull in Solvik. Will a past she wants to forget come back to haunt Isabella? Or will she find a second chance at love?


Time for Challenges (Å skynde seg langsomt)


One Indian beauty, one pregnancy, and two women in love with the same man!

The exotic Divya pays Tony and the idyllic town of Solvik an unexpected visit. As it happens, Tony has moved on with his life. He can't imagine a future with someone he no longer loves, regardless of her being pregnant with his child and without a possibility of returning home to India.

Annabel works with Tony in the spa department at Sea Breeze Hotel & Spa. Trying to support them both, she ends up having strong feelings for Tony, which doesn't help the difficult situation at all.

Will they succeed in solving their challenges to everyone's satisfaction, and will they find happiness?


Time for Christmas (Jul i Solvik)


Celine dreams of a peaceful and romantic Christmas in the small town of Solvik with Leander, until her ex-boyfriend and his mother suddenly appear to get acquainted with her five-year-old daughter.


Ramona is both cunning and manipulating, and when an accident happens, Celine finds herself stuck with longterm guests in her little apartment. The much longed-for Christmas is heading for disaster instead of being the coziest time of year it usually is.


Will Celine's ex-boyfriend succeed at charming her once more, or does her future lay with Leander?


Follow the Christmas drama enfolding in snowy Solvik!



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